Cleaner on the Inside

Dear Metivta Friends,

After spending a glorious week on the river in the wilderness of southern Utah, I returned home renewed and determined to bring a wider perspective to my Tshuvah/Eul work in preparation for High Holy Days. The wilderness has a way of opening the view, giving space inside me so that my anxieties can settle, and inspiration can rise. The combination of rigorous engagement with the elements, deep relaxation of heart/mind, and a sweet camaraderie with my fellow paddlers has left me feeling clean and broken open.

I remember one time at the end of a river trip, someone looked around the circle and exclaimed, “We’re all getting dirtier on the outside and cleaner on the inside!”

It’s that exact “cleaner on the inside” that I aspire to as we engage in the prayer/practice of High Holy Days. May we all be purified of artifice, fear, worry, guilt and shame, as we join together on this journey of renewal.

Your assignment: When you look up at the sky and watch the moon shrink in the night sky, think of us praying, singing, celebrating, dancing together at the time of the next new moon. Send a prayer for our deep connection with each other and with the Great Mystery.

In grateful anticipation of our time together,