The Call of the Shofar

Read during Shofar Service 1st Day Rosh Hashana)

 The Call of the Shofar    

-Hanna Tiferet


How many words we hear today and every day - 

the words in our minds,

the words others speak,

the seemingly endless flow of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions.

But it is the call of the Shofar,

the focused sound of breath,

spiraling through nature’s instrument,

that shatters our assumptions,

blasts away our misgivings,

and warns us of our pride.

It is the sound of the Shofar, 

sometimes clear,

sometimes struggling to be heard,

that calls us to remember

our Creator and our Creation.

It is the sound of the Shofar that takes us back, back, back,

before words and time,

to the primordial collective memory

of the Compassionate One who conceives us all.


The Shofar, 

horn of the ram that was sacrificed

in place of Isaac,

on the altar of divine service,

calls to us

in celebration, in warning, in revelation.

The Shofar calls us together

to listen,

to break, and then heal, our hearts,

to open our eyes.


We stand together, 

once again,

at the foot of Sinai Mountain,

and see the sound of the Shofar.

As one people, one mind, one breath,

we witness the Aleph of Anokhi,

born through silence

into a world of possibility.


Our descendants pass before us as bridges of hope.

Our ancestors extend behind us as streams of wisdom.

We stand in Your Light,

trembling with awe,

aware that the choices we make ripple through innocent generations.


Hear now, Source of Blessing,

we surrender judgment, blame and fear,

and offer the vessels of our own bodies as Shofarot,

inviting the Breath of Life to sing through us.